System Radio, Season 1, Episode 1 - Progressive, Electro House, Pop EDM Mix

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    Local streaming (in case YouTube or MixCloud is blocked):

    Track list:
    00:00 Stevens - Love Me (Oakland Remix)
    04:15 Husman feat. Kelly Sweet - Atmosphere (Extended Mix)
    07:40 Arno Cost - Coming Alive (feat. River)
    10:45 Davis Redfield - Everything That I Need (Extended Mix)
    13:50 Broiler feat. Tish Hyman - Fly By Night (M├Ętis Remix)
    18:00 Martin Garrix - Forbidden Voices (Exit Friendzone Remix)
    21:50 Kill The Buzz feat. Katt Niall - Galaxies (Extended Mix)
    25:00 Lane McCray - Heartbeat (Alexandra Damiani Edit)
    27:55 Tom Swoon & Quentin Mosimann feat. Ilang - I'm Leaving (Extended Mix)
    31:40 Gandalf Bosch, Daniel Moss, DJ Roberto Ferro - Late for Lovin' (Extended)
    35:20 Mr X Project - Let's Run Away (Original Mix)
    37:40 Ralf Velasquez - Light Up
    41:00 Grace - Not Over Yet (Nathan C Remix)
    44:35 Ivan Russo Feat 3pm - Love Go Out (Original Mix)
    Download video (1.7G, mp4):!aV5SUYQI (decryption key is !MG8j7LZsBDdfcRnD1Gxct-qbX8dqsZbyTpSV677vFBY)
    Download audio (110M, mp3):!GYAHSSzQ (decryption key is !Z9MIlJH-d6Ppdod-XsCU1uMPjKDy4PVaV4BiDqABork)

    Sorry about these decryption key links but it's necessary to keep copyright trolls away.
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